C.A.T.C.H.: What is it??

CATCH is the health program that A.I.S.D. has adopted for their elementary and middle schools. The goal of the CATCH program is healthy kids in healthy schools.  CATCH schools aim for healthy behavior and positive outcomes in the following areas: move and stay active, value healthy eating, and practice healthy habits. 

C.A.T.C.H.:  What is the parent’s role?

The role of the parent in the C.A.T.C.H. program is to:

  • Value healthy eating by providing healthy meals for their family.
  • Encourage the family to participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity daily.
  • Practice and teach healthy habits to their children.
One way that you could value healthy eating is by sending healthy snacks to school with your child.  We recommend that snacks come either the GO or SLOW categories.  See the Go and Slow Snack Recommendations from the CATCH newsletter:

Introducing: Family Health & Fitness Bingo!!

One of the goals of CATCH is to encourage families to engage in fitness at home.  Family Health & Fitness Bingo is one way your family can achieve this!!

On the bottom of the monthly “Eat Smart” Menu from the cafeteria, there is a Family Health & Fitness Fun grid.   We are using this grid to play Bingo. Simply choose an activity from each of the sections (example: muscular strength exercises or family physical activity).   Do that activity with your family. Once completed, color in the box.  

Throughout the month, continue to choose activities from the different sections.  When you have done one activity from each section, your family has completed a BINGO!  If your family wants to go for a “BLACK OUT,” keep doing the activities until all of the boxes are colored in!

Once you have a BINGO or a BLACK OUT, have the participating members of the family sign the grid and have your child return it to school.  Be sure to add your child’s name and classroom teacher’s name.  Send the completed grid to the attention of Kristen Palmer.