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New Parking Rules

posted Mar 26, 2017, 2:41 PM by Geeta Suggs
Please be advised that there are new parking rules at Oak Hill Elementary. Due to city ordinances, street parking is no longer allowed along Patton Ranch Road. Also, the grass parking lot near the portables on the south side of the school is a designated fire lane and we are not allowed to park in the lot any longer. This displaces quite a few of our teacher’s parking spots. So that we can have enough parking for all of our staff, the parking lot is now designated as a staff only lot. We have numbered all of the spots in the lot that have been assigned to staff. We ask that you not park in any of the numbered spots as you will be taking the spot of a teacher and they will not be able to make it to their class on time.

There will be designated visitor spots for any parents who wish to walk their children in to the building in the mornings. We are waiting on them to be painted. Parking is also allowed on School Road. Parking along the curb on the north side of the school (the bus lane) will be allowed between the hours of 8am and 2pm. Please be mindful that buses start to line up at 2pm for afternoon pickup so please move your car by 2pm.

We apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding. Please contact the main office should you have any questions.

See the photo below for more information.
  • Yellow is allowed parking areas during certain times of day (front circle and bus line 8a-2p only, etc)
  • Red is restricted to faculty only or not allowed by the city.