In order to be a volunteer on the OHE campus, field trips or such events where students are present, each person must complete the following volunteer requirements EVERY SCHOOL YEAR.

Please note that all of this must be done this year even if you did it in prior years as the Presentation has changed and APIE requires their part to be done each year.

1. Review this "Guidelines for Non-Teacher Supervision of Students at the Elementary Level" powerpoint presentation. 

2. Fill out & submit this Confidentiality Form online.

3. Complete the APIE (Austin Partners in Education) Background check: 
The APIE Background Check Procedure for volunteers at Oak Hill Elementary have been REVISED.

Volunteers Should:
1. Go to: Select "School-Run Programs".
2. From the School menu, choose "OAK HILL" and click ""Search"".
3. Click on the Name of the appropriate volunteer opportunity: There are DIFFERENT opportunities including:
  • Mentoring
  • Field Trip Chaperone
  • Field Trip Driver * Do not select this one.
  • Tutoring 
  • Classroom Volunteer
  • Workshop
  • Young at Heart 
4. Input your e-mail address. Volunteers must submit an e-mail address to receive notice of the background check results.
5. If a volunteer's e-mail address is already in the APIE system, they will be immediately signed up for the volunteer opportunity.
6. If a volunteer's e-mail address is not in the APIE system, they should click on the "Volunteer Registration" button and complete all required fields.
NOTE:  If a volunteer has registered in the APIE system before but has a new e-mail address, they should contact APIE directly at (512) 637-0900 to update their registration.

Slideshow in Spanish: