What is special about Oak Hill Elementary (OHE)?
  • Oak Hill Elementary exists to prepare each child for life, and challenges children to achieve their full potential. This is the school’s stated mission, and we use this statement as a guide in planning and teaching each child.
  • Since 1974, this school has been serving the Oak Hill community with regard to each child’s uniqueness, respect for diversity, and a belief that we should foster a lifelong love of learning.
  • Our community, our teachers, and our parents make Oak Hill Elementary the great school that it is today. We encourage you to become an integral part of the school to continue our 40-year tradition of excellence in education.  
What are the school hours?
  • School doors open at 7:25 AM, with instructional time beginning promptly at 7:45 AM.  
  • The children are dismissed at 2:45 PM.  
What are my options for transportation?
  • Students can be transported by either:  parent drop-off/pick-up, AISD buses, after-school program buses or day care buses.
  • Your child’s teacher will ask you how your child will get home at the Meet the Teacher night.  This information is essential so that your child will be placed in the correct area (bus, parent-pick up, etc) at dismissal time. If there is a change in how your child returns home from school, please write a note to the teacher informing him/her of the change.  
  • Parents, whose child is registered at OHE, will receive a notification in August regarding bus pick up and drop off time and location.  
  • You can also check bus schedules and routes at: http://www.austinisd.org/schools/bus/
How are teachers chosen for the children?
  • For entering kindergartners, parents are encouraged to complete a form to help the school better understand your child (this form will be available at Kindergarten Round Up or through the OHE office).
  • Children are placed with teachers using this parent input, with care to create well-balanced classes of children who may work and learn well together.
  • For subsequent grades, children are placed in classes based on a combination of parent input and teacher feedback.  The strengths and developmental opportunities of each child are also taken into consideration.
When will I find out who my child’s teacher will be?

The day before Meet the Teacher, a list with your child's teacher will be posted on the porch of the main building. 

How will I know my child is progressing?
  • On a weekly basis, teachers will send home documentation in your child’s ‘Take Home Folder’.  This documentation not only talks about how your child is progressing with his/her lessons, but will also give you information about their behavior.  Classroom events and needs are often included, too.
  • AISD Parent Connections is an online resource that allows you to track your child’s progress throughout the school year and reporting period.  When you enter OHE, you will get login and password information.  This free service is provided to all parents whose children are enrolled at OHE.  
  • Detailed report cards will be sent home every nine weeks.  
  • Each family will be invited (and is expected) to have a conference with their child’s teacher in the fall.  In this conference, you will be given a full report on your child’s progress, and you will set goals for your child for the coming months.
  • Another conference in the spring will be offered, and strongly encouraged if your child is having any difficulties.
  • Parents and students are welcome to request a conference at ANY time, and we strongly encourage you to initiate a conversation with your child’s teacher whenever the need arises.
What is the dress code at OHE? 
  • There is no school uniform at OHE.
  • Students should wear clothing that is appropriate to the school setting, and is also suitable for PE and outdoor activities. Students work hard and play hard, participate in outdoor activities and run the track everyday.
What is the discipline policy at OHE?
  • The goal in our discipline policy is to ensure an optimal learning environment for all students.
  • We strive to develop confidence, self-control, and high expectations in each student.
  • When challenging situations do occur (e.g., bullying), we discipline with dignity and provide natural consequences established in each class and grade level.
  • Additionally, we recognize good student behavior through a variety of incentives (progress and reward charts, Eagle of the Day, weekly treasure box goodies, “Fun Fridays”, etc)
  • All parents will receive the Oak Hill Code of Conduct and AISD Student Code of Conduct when school starts.
What types of after-school care programs are available at OHE?  

OHE has two established after-school care programs:
  • Extend-A-Care offers an after-school service on the OHE campus in which the children have time to work on homework, and are then engaged in a variety of games and learning activities. (Phone:  472-9402)
  • Creativity Club, through the Dougherty Arts Center, is another on-site (OHE) after school program that focuses on creative dramatics, arts and movement. (Phone: 397-1453)
  • In addition, several local day care centers serve our school and offer pick-up service from OHE.  The student services office has a complete list of those centers available.
What type of homework requirements can I expect my child to have?
  • OHE uses homework assignments to reinforce the curriculum in each classroom.
  • Homework varies by class and teacher, but all homework is based on the appropriate age and grade level of the students.
  • At OHE, we believe that parent involvement is essential for maximum learning.  Please consider actively involving yourself in your child’s schoolwork and homework.
How can I get more information about current events at OHE?
  • Principal's Blog - Subscribe here.
  • Eagle Eye e-Newsletter – Sent to your email address each week, this online newsletter provides upcoming events and happenings from around OHE. Subscribe here.