FAQ about Morning Drop Off
Below are some frequently asked questions about morning drop off. Our goal is to unload cars as quickly and safely as possible. When dropping off your student, please pull up as far as possible to ease congestion on Patton Ranch Road.

1. What time do the 5th grade greeters and an adult begin helping to open doors?
An adult should be on the front porch by 7:10 and the greeters are there shortly afterwards.
2. If I need to park, where is a good place?
You may park on the circle drive past the mailbox. We ask that you pull up as far as possible to make room for other cars.
Parking on the street is allowed, but please be careful, since traffic can get pretty heavy.
3. Where is a safe place to cross the circle drive if I park on the street?
The safest place to cross is the cross walk.
4. Where should my child go when they get into the building?
If it is before 7:30, we ask that EVERYONE REPORT TO THE CAFETERIA, including parents. This is for the SAFETY of all children, since not all staff knows which child belongs with which parent. If you would like to wait with your child outside of the cafeteria, we ask that you remain on the front porch until the 7:30.
5. Why is there only one lane for Morning Drop Off?
Since we only have one adult on duty in the mornings, and since many students exit on the driver’s side, we feel that it is safer to have the one lane.
6. What is the best time to drop off my student?
The best time is between 7:10 – 7:35. This will allow the student sufficient time to get settled before the 7:45 bell. Students that are not in their classroom by 7:45 will be counted tardy.
7. Why does my student have to stay on the porch during the pledge and Moment of Silence?
We ask that everyone on school grounds stop and show respect during the pledge and the state mandated Moment of Silence.