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Teacher Info

Teacher Favorites - you can only add, not edit; need to edit just 1 thing, email webmaster otherwise submit a new form

Teacher Websites
: IF you have a website, blog, wiki, or anything else out there on the internet, please send the webmaster the link. YOUR PAGE will be added to the oakhillelementary.org website. The idea here is there is ONE location for all information. Send your parents here year after year and they don't have to remember where to look, etc. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO CHANGE? Nothing. Just send me a link. I'll make it look like part of our website (LOOK LIKE not actual change it to anything). PASSWORD PROTECTED sites - It is important for you to have a link to that site (even though we can't get in) from our website. It speaks VOLUMES to parents to have it all organized in one place.
Workroom & Workshop

Workshop Order - Email workshop@ohepta.org with this form detailing instructions on what you need done during Workshop Wednesdays

Workroom Die Wishlist - Interested in getting more dies for the workroom? The PTA purchases a few dies each year based on your input. Visit Accucut for a list of what dies we can get. Fill out this form below with your requests.


Teacher Reimbursement Form

Project Funding Committee (PFC; formerly known as P&G)
Request Funds from the PTA - be sure to present your idea to your team leaders and to the principal before submitting.

Donor's Choose Projects: As soon as your project becomes ACTIVE, please let the webmaster know. The DOUBLE the donations using the code "SPARK" is only good for 7 days, once the project goes active. We can advertise your project in the eagle eye and on our Facebook page. ALSO, please do NOT submit a project during school holidays, like Winter Break or Spring Break - parents are not looking at these during those times and you may miss out on the matching.